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Friday, May 5, 2006

After last nightís fiasco with the water bottle (and subsequent ingestion of massive doses of pain medication), I was thinking maybe I could sleep in today, just a little. I know itís a work day, but Iíd pretty much stretched myself to the limit. I was just starting to get over the most painful part of the arthritis flare-up, and I could have used the extra rest, both physically and emotionally.

But alas, it was not meant to be. The Boss phoned first thing (in fact, a little before first thing) and said, ďIím going to ask you to do something youíre not going to like.Ē When he says that, heís usually right. We have a new contract that has to be executed and returned to the state, and when we talked about it yesterday it was all going to be done by mail.

Suddenly, it was deemed necessary to execute this contract today, so I was asked to drive it to Wal-Mart, where I would meet the Bossís ex-wife and hand off the contract to her. Thankfully, she would take care of the rest, which included driving it halfway across the state to the Boss himself. He asked me to name the time I thought I could be there. Since I hadnít showered yet, I said, ď9:30.Ē He said heíd let her know.

Five minutes later, as I was starting to shave, I got another phone call. It was Ms. Ex. She hadnít heard from the Boss and wanted to know if I was on my way. I told her I was planning on being there at 9:30, and she went into a state of apoplexy. She had company coming and had to be back here from her hundred-mile round trip by noon. She had told the Boss that, she said, and he was supposed to call me last night to arrange it. Instead, he called me this morning, didnít mention her company, and had me name the time.

Well, I wasnít going to let her miss her meeting, so I agreed to meet her right then and there, without shaving or showering. By the time I got there and back, it was almost the time I was hoping to get up in the first place. But at least I had plenty of time to shower, meet a friend for coffee, and get to the post office on my way home. Then I would be able to get some work done the rest of the day and feel better about the whole ordeal. Or so I thought.

Coffee was wonderful, except that when I opened my wallet to pay, I had barely enough for a cup, and not nearly enough to get through the weekend. So I made an extra stop at the ATM on my way home. And then I made another extra stop at another ATM, because the first ATM was out of cash. By the time I got headed toward the post office, I was stuck in afternoon traffic and very late and totally exhausted and starving.

Fortunately, Suzanne had brought lunch for me while I was gone. Unfortunately, I missed her because I was so late. But John was there, and (bless his heart) he was using his tractor to cut the high grass in my yard. Thatís the kind of thing that can turn a disastrous day around.

5 May 2006

Newly mowed yard.

I feel so much better this afternoon, looking out at the newly mown yard and knowing I can keep it down through the summer. Assuming, that is, my wrists heal enough to let me hold the weed trimmer and push the lawnmower. Iím hoping that by next weekend, Iíll be in good enough shape to do just that.

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The Giants knew going into this season that they were relying on a lot of older players to take them back to the playoffs. The older players on the team have been very productive, but theyíve also had a tendency to break down. Ray Durham was injured last week, so they brought up young second baseman Kevin Frandsen to take over. In tonightís game in Philadelphia, Moises Alou was injured in the outfield, but he was replaced by Steve Finley, who at 41 isnít exactly a young player. But Finley keeps himself in such great shape that he plays about ten years younger than his age. I donít think the injuries have hurt the team, even though tonightís 8-3 loss to the Phillies was their fourth in five games. Theyíre a better team with Durham and Alou healthy, of course, but theyíre more likely to win when their pitchers donít give up eight runs a game.

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