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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

I didnít drink in high school. Maybe thatís why I remember it so vividly, every embarrassing moment and every slight by the popular kids. But I also got out of high school near the top of my class academically, and looking back Iíll take the trade-off. I think.

In college, when everyone (and I mean everyone) was smoking pot, I didnít. I inhaled a lot of it, along with incense and tear gas, but I never smoked. Maybe thatís why I donít have any friends left from college, even though I was there for four and a half years. Iím not sure Iíd have anything to say to those people anyway, though.

Since I donít go to doctors and I donít rifle through your medicine cabinet, Iíve never been much for prescription drugs. The one exception was about five years ago when I was prescribed Vicodin for an ear infection. The ear infection was painful, but the way the drug made me feel was a hundred times worse. Maybe two hundred. I was never sicker in my life, and I mean even when I had appendicitis in 1982.

2 May 2006

The sunset oak on an early spring afternoon.

Now, however, Iím hooked on Claritin and arthritis-strength Tylenol. One has got me through some really bad days when my wrists were hurting terribly. The other has been the first thing that has allowed me to breathe since way before this spring even started. I would now sell my right arm (although what would be the point?) for access to these drugs, but fortunately I donít have to, since theyíre both available over the counter. I feel as if Iíve been somehow rewarded for a lifetime of abstinence. This is the relief Iíve been hoping for, and I even think I deserve it.

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The Giants didnít get a hit after the second inning of tonightís game in Milwaukee. In fact, they didnít even have a base runner, as Brewers pitchers retired the last 22 batters in a row. But they got all they needed from Pedro Felizís two-run homer in the second, a blow that came immediately after Moises Alou was hit by a pitch. And Jason Schmidt made sure those runs stood up, as he pitched a complete game five-hit shutout and the Giants won, 2-0. It was a tough loss for the Brewers, and the Giants can sympathize, but they wonít be giving the win back.

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