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Sunday, January 29, 2006

When I say that I worked all day Sunday, what I really mean is that I put in four hours, nonstop without any breaks (and without any food). I tell you I gave up my Sunday because thatís what it feels like. And even though I didnít work ďall dayĒ in the classic sense, I got more done in those four hours than I do in a normal working day, because (a) the phone didnít keep interrupting me, and (2) the aforementioned lack of breaks kept me from losing momentum.

I started the weekend with nine specific items left to do before the Tuesday deadline. I knew I didnít want to leave many of them (or any of them, really) for Monday, because Monday has its own list of demands. I spent yesterday afternoon doing three of the nine items, but they were the three easiest ones. That left me with today to do Everything Else.

There was only thing that kept me from throwing my hands up and telling myself how impossible this all was. In two days all of these tasks have to be completed, no matter how impossible they are. Thatís what kept me going, and itís also what kept me from getting distracted. And now, itís done.

That doesnít mean my work is done. It just means that I can sail through this particular deadline. I can promise myself that next time I wonít push it so close, but we all know thatís not going to happen. The best thing I can say is that today reinforces the fact that I can do what I have to do — but only when I really have to do it.

4 January 2006

January sunset.

To be perfectly honest, I did take one brief break today, when Tammy and Aiden dropped by. They didnít even get out of the car, so I walked out and talked to them for a few minutes. It might be that this visit is what actually made it possible for me to keep working the rest of the time. I know it made it more palatable.

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Itís the week before the Super Bowl, and thereís no football on TV. This has put Kylie in a bad mood. Basketball doesnít quite do it for her, and she refuses to watch Arena Football on general principles. Itís the first Sunday like this since she was born, but February is coming, and weíll have to see how she takes to the Winter Olympics. We already know she likes watching baseball and NASCAR, because she got in on the end of last season in both sports. Happily, both are gearing up for a restart in February, which makes it the best month between October and April. (Although obviously Kylie knows nothing about April, since sheís only been here since September.)

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