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Sunday, February 1, 2009

If Iíd made any life-changing resolutions on January 1, I donít see how I could have kept them. Just about everything Iíve done for the last month has been reactive. All Iíve done was try to keep my head above water and keep moving in whatever direction the tide was taking me. It seems that I didnít have any time to stop and reflect (although if I were a better time manager, I might have).

But now all that is over. Itís February, a short enough month that the expectations are a little lower. I can now direct myself to get back on the sadly neglected treadmill a few times a week, and I can start to look after my own sadly neglected body and soul, instead of having to think full time about the next tax return or cost report. I have high hopes for February, and the months to follow.

However, Iím still not making any specific resolutions. I will make these general ones: Iíll try my best to get something good out of each day. Iíll try to take things as they come. And Iíll try to see the bigger picture, instead of getting bogged down in the petty pixels. I think thatís the only way to live, if you really want to live.

25 January 2009

Cloud generations.

Today, by the way (well, not really by the way), is Tammyís birthday. She hasnít appeared much in these pages for awhile, because sheís been so busy with school and work and other things (like kids, for example). You can read about her life in her blog, when she has time to update it. Because of her own hectic schedule as well as my own, I havenít seen her (or even talked to her) very much lately, but I expect that to change next month, when Aiden starts playing baseball.

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