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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

If I mention the weather at all this time of year, itís to complain about it. I donít complain about summer weather unless it turns somehow wintry. This is February, and the best thing about February is that itís the shortest month of the year.

But oh my, what a gorgeous day we had in the North Bay today. I canít even tell you what a day like this does to keep me going. (Then why am I here?) I know the rain is coming. In two weeks the Russian River will probably flood. (Iím just guessing; please donít place any wagers based on my forecast.) But for now I can stand to get up in the morning, and I can walk out the front door and soak up the rays.

Well, except I canít, not really. I spent the whole day doing payroll for two companies. As the original company grows, the payroll gets more involved and takes up more of my time. I canít knock it out in a couple of hours any more. But itís a lot easier if I can do it while sitting next to a wide open front door, with fresh air streaming in.

I have to enjoy the warm sunshine while I can, though, because as soon as the sun starts to go down, a chill descends on us. Itís a sudden phenomenon, and it can sneak up on you before you know whatís happening. One minute spring is here, and in a flash itís winter again. (Which it is, actually, whether I like to admit it or not.)

26 January 2005

Escaping cloudlet.

Lack of time wasnít the only thing that kept me home today. Until I can get the turn signal fixed on my car, Iím not going to be traveling much. I called the dealer and explained the problem. They couldnít tell me if my problem is part of the recall, or just a burned out bulb. They also couldnít give me an appointment until 1:30 pm tomorrow, so Iím stranded until then. Or I feel like it, anyway.

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I got a card from my eye doctor today, reminding me that itís time for a checkup, and boy, is he right! The trouble is, I canít use him because he isnít covered by my insurance. I have to go back to the place where they were rude to me last time. And despite the rudeness, I got glasses that didnít improve my vision. I think itís a losing battle.

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