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Monday, February 2, 2009

Itís not that I was trying to make a point, because after all, who is there to make a point to, other than myself? But I was determined to make something out of this Monday other than just another (manic) Monday. This was the first Monday after the madness (or mania) of January, so it was a chance to pull things together a bit.

It was also the first Monday that Iíve been fully resigned to not being on line at all during the work day. I even told the Boss that anything he had to fax to me had to be done before 6:00 pm, because thatís when I planned to disconnect the fax and plug in the modem, since I canít make them both run on the same phone line any more.

And it worked, in both senses. The Boss is on board with keeping his hands off the fax button in the evenings (although he did ask me if I minded if he started faxing early in the morning). And Iím on board with getting as much done as I can during the day, so that I have the evening to myself.

I even like it (a little), because it lets me structure my day around mini-breaks, during which, unlike the old days when I used to go on line and get stuck there, I now set the kitchen timer and sit in the recliner and read for a few minutes, until the buzzer tells me to get back to work. Iíll get more work and more reading done this way.

24 January 2009

Patch of blue.

And the funny part of all this is that I signed on at 6:00 pm and then couldnít sit at the computer for more than an hour. I might end up getting more reading done in the evenings as well as during the day, because itís hard to concentrate all my Internet interests into a few hours without losing focus. But thatís another thing I can live with, at least for now.

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