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Sunday, February 1, 2004

If all this had happened in January, I would have blown up (or melted down, one or the other). But it's February and I'm all mellow now.

Besides, I got some work done today and I'm as caught up as I can be considering all the setbacks I've had. What's to complain about? What are a few little bumps in the road compared to a Little House on the Prairie marathon on the Hallmark Channel?

Not that I was sitting around watching TV all day. In fact, the first time I sat down anywhere but at the computer was just before halftime of the Super Bowl. I'd paid intermittent attention to the first half, and apparently I didn't miss much. Neither team did much of anything until I sat down to watch. If I'd known I had that power, I would have sat and watched sooner.

But I did have the marathon going on while I was working, and that helped me get through enough detail work that I can claim to be ready for Monday. I'm not ever quite ready for Monday, of course, because Monday is the week's wild card day. It'll be even more exciting this week because the Boss was gone all last week. I know he's already back because he faxed me a little teaser today. It wasn't much, but it was enough to let me know he's still around. I'm pretty sure that was the point.

Some things did go wrong today, but this being February and not January, I handled them with equanimity and aplomb (pulled it right out of the pie, fwap!). I think I'm just so glad January's over that I almost want to be tested in February, so that I can show how smoothly I can handle things.

Yeah, I couldn't get the scanner to work at first. But I stuck with it until I figured it out. And the printer wouldn't work right until I found a new color cartridge for it. (At least I had one, and it wasn't in the last place I looked. Well, it was but— never mind.)

So anyway. I worked through most of the first half of the game and cooked all the way through the third quarter. I'm so glad Rachael talked me into keeping those large flour tortillas on hand and taught me how to make quesadillas. This was a great way to use up the rest of the ground beef and mushroom mess I made the other night (along with some freshly grated smoky cheddar, natch).

I never would have believed I could improvise something that actually tasted good, but this time I did. And to think it was a salvage job! I'm so impressed with myself.

21 January 2004

My great nephew, Aiden Michael, will arrive in a little over four months.

This is Tammy's birthday, the first one she's had since we've known her. (I promised her it won't fall on Super Bowl Sunday next year. And she knows she can trust me.) I talked to her on the phone tonight, and she had a nice birthday. We're having a family dinner in her honor tomorrow night. I know it'll be good, because I'm not cooking. Maybe next time.

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1. You don't try for a two-point conversion with twelve and a half minutes left in the game unless you're exactly 24 points behind. 2. The NFL has already said that MTV probably won't be asked to produce another halftime show. (Yay!) 3. If Richard Hatch would keep his clothes on, he'd be my favorite survivor all-star. He's definitely the most fun.

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