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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Relieved. Rejuvenated. Empowered. You could run a small factory on the energy I have tonight. Itís such a high to get through the hardest part of the hardest month of the year, and to know (to a reasonable certainty) that Iíve done everything I needed to do, and done it well. Or at least, well enough.

Depleted. Spent. Drained. It wouldnít take a very big spatula to scrape up whatís left of me. Iíve poured everything I have into getting to the end of this deadly month in one piece, and I made it. Barely, but I made it.

Can you be totally depleted and energized at the same time? I think that probably happens to me every April (and a few other times a year). Itís a good thing itís not any more often, because the empowerment part of the equation would be diminished. All that energy is based on fumes. Iím standing on something that probably wonít hold me up for very long.

28 April 2005

Cloud droppings.

I want to hibernate for about a week. But I also want to go run a marathon, like right now. Go figure.

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I have no idea what the president talked about in his news conference tonight, because I canít look at him and hear him at the same time. Itís like trying to solve one of those 3-D puzzles the morning after a bender. It takes some kind of ability I just donít have. But I do know that he couldnít have picked a more disruptive time, as far as the TV networks are concerned. He doesnít have a press conference for what, four years? And he decides to preempt Survivor for a little fireside drivel? Brilliant marketing plan. Iíll have whatever heís selling. Make it a double.

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