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Friday, April 28, 2006

While David was out driving Kylie around last night, Aiden suddenly realized his daddy wasn’t there. He asked for Tammy’s keys and then opened the front door and stuck the right key in the lock. I’m not sure if he thought that would bring David home quicker, but apparently he’s very handy with keys and small tools and anything that takes a little more dexterity than an almost-two-year-old usually can muster.

With the front door now open, he decided he wanted to go outside, even though he was in his pajamas. I guess he didn’t want to go out by himself, because he said, very sweetly, “Go outside, Uncle Mike.” I told him it was almost nighttime and I didn’t want to go outside, so he said, a little more forcefully, “Uncle Mike, go outside!” When I hesitated, he said in his most demanding tone, separating the syllables so I would be sure to understand, “Uncle Mike! Go! Out! Side!” It was a little hard to take seriously, and I don’t think he meant it that way anyway. He was just messin’ with me.

Naturally, we ended up going out on the porch for a few minutes, but when I came back in, he followed. The first thing he did was move the carpet just inside the front door out of the way. Before I could ask him why, he ran to the closet and got his vacuum, which is still one of his favorite toys, and ran it over the entry area. Then he vacuumed the porch (while standing inside, with the vacuum extended as far as his stubby arms could reach).

He planted the vacuum on the porch, and it looked as if he intended to leave it there, but Tammy told him to put it away. He ignored her, as he turns a deaf ear to anything he doesn’t want to hear, but she told him that the vacuum was going to get scared. Well, he thought that was the funniest thing he’d ever heard, and kept repeating, “Vacuum’s gonna get scared. Vacuum’s gonna get scared.”

27 April 2006

No, Kylie, that's not your bottle.

When David and Kylie drove up, Aiden announced in a voice that carried across the neighborhood, “Daddy! Vacuum’s gonna get scared!” Even though that’s a sentence that might never have been uttered before in human history, I’m pretty sure David understood.

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There was plenty of glory to go around in the Giants’ 18-hit, 10-2 win over the Diamondbacks tonight. Their number one starter Jason Schmidt finally got his first win of the season. Barry Bonds and Moises Alou each drove in four runs. But the game will be most memorable for rookie second baseman Kevin Frandsen, who started his first major league game and had three hits, was on base four times, and scored three runs. It’s the kind of debut he might have dreamed of when he was growing up as a Giants fan in San Jose.

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