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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I have a little more breathing room tonight, thanks to my nephew. David came by late this afternoon and used an electric trimmer to cut down the weeds and tall grass from just off my back porch, all the way around the side yard, to the front of the house near the driveway. It looks exactly the way I want it to look. I'm sure my landlord will feel the same when he's seen it.

David volunteered for this mission. He gave up his time, of which he has little, and his energy, of which he has a lot. He's raising a family and about to become a father and working long hours to keep things going. I'm so grateful for the fact that he's my nephew and my friend, and now I have this to thank him for, too.

In fact, he'll be back to do more as he has time, until my regular yard man comes around with the heavy equipment to finish the job. I'm so relieved to have this much of the yard cut back that it feels as if I can breathe for the first time in a month. There's still high grass covering most of the back area, but I don't have that closed-in sensation any more.

While David was outside working, Tammy stayed in and talked to me. It was a treat, even though she was already suffering badly from allergies. We closed the door so that the activity in the yard wouldn't make things any worse for her.

She and I talk almost every day on the phone, so I'm getting regular updates. She's in week 34 now, and she's more than ready for the last stage. She's uncomfortable, but even more she wants to meet this baby and hold him. So do I, of course, but she has a more compelling reason to be impatient.

28 April 2004

Back porch, before the whacking.

We had the good fortune to get some relief from the heat today. It was foggy when I fell out of bed this morning, although the sun glowed through the haze most of the day. After a couple of stifling nights, they're starting to stay cool enough to sleep. That doesn't mean I do sleep, of course, but at least in theory it would be possible. It probably makes yard work a bit more bearable. I'll be doing a little of that myself, when the situation gets within manageable parameters. (Once the weeds get cut, I'll do my best to keep them down.)

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The Giants' bats came alive against an old teammate, Braves ace Russ Ortiz, in tonight's game. For once, when they had runners on base, they did something besides hit into a double play. In fact, they converted a parade of hits (and a couple of Braves bobbles) into a nine-run fourth inning. They took a 9-2 lead and held on to win, 10-7. It was a pleasure to watch them run around the bases tonight, even though I generally prefer 1-0 pitchers' duels.

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