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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Iím so pleased with myself that I canít even contain my glee. At least, I think itís glee, although that seems like too strong a word for whatever it is Iím not containing. Whatís the next step down the scale from glee? Delight? If it were glee, I think I could contain it. Delight, probably not necessary. Thereís not a lot of leakage anyway. Delight isnít that potent.

And why would I even want to contain my delight, except that itís embarrassing to be delighted about something as inconsequential (in the grand scheme, that is, assuming there is one) as finishing the quarterly tax returns. Maybe itís that embarrassment that I should be trying to contain. Just thinking about it makes me not quite so delighted, although Iím still pleased.

Itís not just myself that Iím pleased with, of course. I had to do the work, so most of the glory should fall in a gentle mantle around my shoulders. But I have to be satisfied (in a neutral sort of a way) that the universe cooperated and events conspired to allow me to do the work. If the phone and fax hadnít been relatively quiet, Iíd be complaining tonight instead of basking. So: huzzah, world.

4 April 2005

Some clouds, some trees.

As always, thereís a caveat. Or maybe itís a disclaimer. Yeah, thatís what it is, a disclaimer. Sure, I did all the payroll and sales taxes for the company today. But thatís half the job. I now have to depend on the same kind of luck a second day in a row, so I can do the taxes for the kennel tomorrow. And since I donít keep all the books for the kennel, I have to depend on others for the input.

But Iím part owner, right? Iím the boss? Kind of? So theyíd better by gum get crackiní and give me what I need, or somebody is going to be a little less delighted. There will be no joy (or glee) in Mudville, and you can count on that. If you can count on anything.

I think that was actually a caveat, not a disclaimer.

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The Giants gold glove first baseman, J.T. Snow, is also their slowest player, but it was his speed, such as it is, that put the team in position to win tonight, and it was his bat that won it. He hit a triple off one of the sharp edges in the SBC Park outfield in the fifth to drive in the second run, and he scored the fifth run in the seventh by racing home from second on Pedro Felizís single, touching the plate with a magnificent headfirst slide around the tag. But that still wasnít enough to win the game, so with the score tied in the eighth, he doubled to drive in the run that gave the Giants an emotional 6-5 victory over the Padres.

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