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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Since I got sick, Iíve cut way back on my caffeine intake. Today I had some coffee but no Mountain Dew, yesterday just the opposite. Monday and most of the days over the last week, I had none at all. The fact that I had no appetite for food or drink of any kind made it a lot easier, and I have no desire to go back to old habits.

I always say that I never drink alone, but thatís not quite true. Tonight I made a dish that required white wine, and Iíll admit that I poured a glass or two to drink with it when it was done. And Iíll put wine back on my shopping list, but I wonít open it until I cook with it again. Itís easy for me not to drink. Now. It hasnít always been that way, but Iíve learned hard lessons over the years.

17 April 2006

Cloud eruption.

While I was sick I also caught a couple of episodes of a TLC show called Honey, Weíre Killing the Kids. I have to tell you, itís changed the way I eat. They take a family and show the parents what their children will look like at 40, if they continue their current diet and lifestyle. Today at the store I bought grapes and apples and passed right by the cookies and chips. Weíll see how long this lasts, but Iím quite pleased with the way my Leviís are fitting after the last week of not eating. I wonít keep not eating, but I will eat better.

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Somehow a tidy 3-3 contest between the Giants and Mets became a 7-7 slugfest after Barry Bondsí two-run pinch homer with two outs in the bottom of the ninth off Billy Wagner sent the game into extra innings. As usual, the Giantsí bullpen wasnít up to the task, and the Mets worked over Scott Munter in the top of the eleventh and came away with a 9-7 win.

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