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Monday, April 24, 2006

One way to get over the obsession with getting everything done at once is to get over the other obsession with getting everything done right. Once you loosen the standards a bit, itís amazing how much faster the work flows.

And thereís nothing like spending a few days incapacitated to inspire a person to reorganize priorities. Or reprioritize, as it were.

Even though this is a week where every quarterly tax report and every month-end report is due, and even though Iíve lost several days of productivity to this nagging cold, Iím going to get everything done on time. Iím going to do it by doing as much as I can, as well as I can, during my lucid periods. I do expect to have more such periods over the next few days than Iíve had over the last few. In fact, Iím betting this whole new system on that prospect.

17 April 2006

The walnut tree framed by an April cloud.

Of course, itís a lot easier to live with doing a half-assed job when you feel like crap. Iím just sayiní.

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The Mets started out this season as the best team in baseball, but they played out of fear tonight and paid the price. The one time they pitched to Barry Bonds they got him out easily, but twice they walked him intentionally, and both walks led directly to runs for the Giants. In the first inning, Moises Alou followed with a three-run homer that was enough of a cushion for young Matt Cain, who was a truly dominant pitcher for the first time this year. Later, a walk pushed a runner into scoring position, and Alou followed with a two-run single. That turned out to be more than enough in the 6-2 Giants victory. (Yeah, the Astros are a strong team, too, but they couldnít even beat the Dodgers tonight, so what good are they?)

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