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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Iím back. Did you miss me?

Apparently I was unwittingly (how else?) transported today to some land where the sun shines and you can go out and do your Easter shopping in a short sleeve shirt and no jacket. The sky is blue on that planet, so I know it canít be Northern California, where shades of gray are considered trŤs chic. I forgot my umbrella and rain hat when I went there, wherever it was, but it was okay. I didnít need them.

Or maybe I was whisked forward in time, to a version of reality we used to call ďMay.Ē Or maybe even ďJune.Ē It felt so much like spring today that I could almost believe it had arrived for real. It would be more convincing if the five-day forecast didnít show four pictures of rain clouds. It wonít take long for reality to soak in, but it was nice to live in a dream world for a few hours.

13 April 2006

Clouds sneaking past the trees.

Youíd think that spring fever would set in big time on a day like this, but no, I got my work done, plus a little above and beyond. Not that I had a choice. I had to do the company payroll, which I should have been able to do Monday but I got the time cards too late, and the kennel payroll, which I shouldnít have to do until next week but I got the time cards too early. All that and a shopping trip, too. It was a fine way to celebrate the first good day. Letís just hope itís not the last.

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There was even a baseball game today! Two, in fact! It was almost like starting the season over when the Giants and Astros finally got together for a double header at AT&T Park. They hadnít played since Sunday, and Matt Morris hadnít pitched in nine days. He could have come into the game a little rusty, but he held the Astros to two hits over nine innings. He tired a bit in the eighth, but the Giants bullpen held on for a 5-3 win in the afternoon game, led by Moises Alou, who drove in two runs and hit his third home run of the season (the 300th of his career)... The Astros reminded the Giants which team is the National League champion by coming back in the second game and pounding them, 8-0, behind their ace, Roy Oswalt.

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