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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The president picked the wrong day to show up on TV, as far as I'm concerned. No, I'm not talking about preempting American Idol, although I'm sure he won a lot of fans with that brilliant scheduling move. And I couldn't listen to him long enough to know whether he was making sense or not (although I don't really have to listen to know the answer to that, since he is incapable of making me believe a word he says).

It was just hard to look at his smirking face the day I figured my income taxes and found out I have to pay the government another five hundred dollars, in addition to everything they deducted from my paycheck last year. Because I do the payroll for the company, I know that people who make more money than I do got a bigger tax break when the Republican cuts took effect last July.

And I also know that my take-home pay is less this year than it was last year, although I haven't found a way to trace that fact back to Bush. Yet.

What I also know is that between now and Tax Day, which is the day after tomorrow, I have to come up with five hundred dollars I don't have to help a president I don't like pay for a war I don't believe in. At least I wasn't forced to listen to his voice tonight. The Giants were on TV and they were winning, so I had no incentive to switch channels. None.

13 April 2004

Bonnie thinks I should use the wheelbarrow as a planter, and she even sent me this to show me what it would look like.

I guess I'll have to borrow from one of my credit cards and end up paying one of Bush's banker friends usurious interest. It's a nice double dip for the corporate execs who are actually buying what the president is selling. After all, they're buying it with my money.

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The Giants won their third straight tonight, 4-2 over the Brewers. Marquis Grissom hit two early home runs to get them started, but it was Barry Bonds who made the night memorable with a seventh-inning shot into the cove. It puts him alone in third place on the all-time list with 661 career homers. The next player ahead of him is Babe Ruth with 714.

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"There's something wrong in a world where luck has so much to do with whether you have enough to eat or not. I'd be happier about paying taxes if the money were being used to solve problems like that. In my world, people who have more than they need help out the ones who don't have enough."

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