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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Whatís that definition of insanity again?

Thatís right. I went back to the same place for another haircut today. That would be the place that Iíve been complaining about because they canít seem to get it quite right. (Although I blame myself for not making my wishes crystal freaking clear.)

That would also be the same place Iíve been getting my hair cut for the last eighteen years. I know itís been that long because my dad, who was a barber, cut my hair until just before he died.

But maybe this is the time when I finally got my message across. Before I even said anything, my stylist mentioned that it hadnít been very long since my last haircut. That made it easier for me to ask her to cut it closer this time. And I made her keep going until I thought I was satisfied. Too bad I wonít really know for a day or two if itís true. Iím always hopeful.

Anyway, the best part as far as Iím concerned isnít how it looks, but that it feels so much better. And I did get her to clip the sides nice and close. She offered to trim my eyebrows, which is a service I would never ask for but almost always need to have done. It was a pleasant experience all around, especially since I didnít have to wait this time.

In fact, that good feeling in the chair and just afterward is exactly the reason I keep going back there, no matter what. Iím not sure it was worth twenty bucks, though.

2 April 2005

Green and dense.

Itís also too bad I didnít get this done before I had my new driverís license photo taken. Iím not sure it would have made any difference, though, since I was instructed to look at the floor. Iíll probably have to live with that picture for the rest of my driving career. At least no one cards me any more, so if I can keep it between the lines I might not have to show my license to anyone. (Not that I hang out in bars and liquor stores. Iíve been way past that since about three license photos ago.)

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As badly as the pitchers in the Giantsí bullpen have underachieved this season, you hated to see them get the ball tonight as early as the fifth inning. They came through, though, shutting down the Dodgers for the last three and a third innings. Unfortunately, the damage had been done. The Dodgers scored four runs off the starter, Brett Tomko, and the Giants could manage one lonely run in a feeble 4-1 loss. Only in April can a team go from first place to fourth place in the span of two games.

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