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Friday, April 3, 2009

The imaginary people who are judging me must be horrified at what Iíve been eating this week. In fact, I know they are, because they exist only in my head. Iíve been working on using up all the meat and dairy based foods in the house, so that I donít have to throw anything away. There are some things I wonít have time to eat, and a few I no longer have the stomach for, after reading in the book about the effects animal products have on your body.

Nothing will go to waste. Iíve thrown some things out, but they were all well past their expiration date. Thatís wasteful, I suppose, but no more so than it would have been normally. I often forget about things, or buy too much, and have to get rid of them after theyíve spoiled. (The voices are telling me thatís no excuse, but Iím trying to ignore them.)

Anyway, the postal carrier will be around in a few weeks looking for donated canned goods, and someone will get the benefit (if thatís even the right word, knowing what I know about the effects of animal products) of some free chili con carne, beef and chicken broth, and pasta sauce.

2 April 2009

Overgrown garden area.

Iíve already started a food diary, and the first few pages are going to look mighty strange when I look back on them, after Iíve succeeded with the diet. Today I had the end of the chicken soup for lunch, and tonight I ate the last frozen turkey dinner. The imaginary people will just have to look the other way until Monday. In between these decadent meaty meals, of course, it was all whole grains and dark greens. I can already feel it working on my system, and for the better (I think).

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