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Sunday, April 3, 2005

There wasnít much daylight to save today. It was gray and cold all day, and by mid afternoon it was raining hard. I was quite content not to have to be out in it. I had neither reason nor excuse to set foot outside the front door during the whole grisly day, and by the time a bit of sunshine peeked through, I was pretty much settled in.

Isnít it ironic, though, that the light stays longer and yet the night seems to come too soon. We invent a way to measure the sunís trek across the sky, and then we tinker with it until it doesnít mean anything. My poor old body is so confused it wanted breakfast at noon and lunch at 6:00 pm. I couldnít even get in a decent nap, although I could hardly keep my eyes open. And this is only the first day.

I canít say I didnít try to get some work done today, in spite of it all. I can say that I didnít try very hard. Iíve been in a more or less permanent fog since at least Thursday night (some would say a lot longer), but at least I made a (minimal) effort. I dashed off a reconciliatory note to the Boss this morning and faxed it to him, with a question I needed an answer to.

And when I didnít get my answer, I didnít press the issue. I just never got around to getting started on anything, which is the way I wanted it in the first place. It just makes it that much easier, having someone else to blame. It wonít make it any easier when Monday morning comes, but thatís way in the future some time, so itís not worth thinking about.

27 March 2005

Eric and his squirmy nephew. Happy birthday, Eric.

Itís funny the Boss didnít answer my question, though, because he was a whirlwind of faxing activity all morning. I got page after page of requests for this and instructions to do that, all of which I ignored. Iím piling up the papers for Monday, hedging against the possibility that Monday wonít show up and weíll skip straight to Tuesday. Itís a long shot, I know, but the way the clocks are being mangled these days, itís a shot worth taking.

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You have to be a good driver and you have to have a good car to overcome what Kevin Harvick had to overcome to win the race at Bristol today. His crew chief is under suspension, and he had to repair a fluid leak this morning before the race, forcing him to start last in the field of 43. Then he had to drive 500 times around a half-mile track that claimed over half the field to various wrecks. (There was even one head-on crash, which is kind of unusual when all cars are going the same direction.) But Harvick did all that was necessary to come from back to front and win, and at the same time he moved into the top ten in the point standings.

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