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Monday, April 3, 2006

In case you didnít already know this, a negative attitude can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Usually does, in fact. Itís just that I have to remind myself every morning, and especially on a morning like this, when my body is all turned around by the time change. I get up groaning about how lousy I feel, but lousy is just code for ďItís too early!Ē

Itís a bad habit, this telling myself something bad without really thinking about it. Itís better to let the bad thoughts just drift through. That way, I can always hope they donít stick. Today, every so often I would become inadvertently mindful of the fact that I was walking around like a zombie. That allowed me to function in an un-zombie-like manner, most of the time.

I can fool my brain, at least to some degree. But I couldnít fool my stomach today. Itís a weird sensation, getting hungry at all the wrong times. It sneaks up on you, and itís hard to know what to do. I mean, eat, obviously. But what? Itís outside the general plan for a healthy diet, so I tend to grab whateverís close. (Plus, I havenít been to the store for a week and Iím out of everything.)

26 March 2006

Whispers of clouds.

What I didnít see coming was the wall I smacked into late this afternoon. I thought I was doing pretty well, and then all of a sudden I was fighting to stay conscious. If I thought the extra daylight would keep me working longer, I was wrong. I wasnít counting on the wall, and I sure didnít see it coming.

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It looked like a pitcherís duel on paper, and for the first few innings. Jason Schmidt and Jake Peavy are both contenders of the NL Cy Young Award this season, but thatís a long way off. In the end, the Giants couldnít hit Peavy, and Schmidt couldnít contain Mike Piazza and Khalil Greene, which led to an opening day win by the Padres, 6-1. The good news is itís game one of a 162-game season.

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