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Saturday, April 3, 2004

It's a good thing I spent a couple of hours hovering over the stove last night, working on my contribution to today's family festivities. It's a good thing, because there wasn't much left of me by today. I was kind of an invisible presence at the garage sale (which was also a celebration of Eric's birthday). I leaned against walls and sat in the shadows.

It was fun just to be there, though, and I enjoyed myself, even if I didn't have the energy to show it. There were so many friends and family members there that it was a real party. By the time I got there it was after noon, and a lot of the real sale (the part where crowds of people come and buy things) was over.

Tammy and David and whoever else brought old, useless items made some money and got rid of some stuff in the first few hours. The afternoon was more party than sale, although people kept coming and going until we started putting the ragged straggling leftovers away at around four o'clock.

Sitting on the sidelines is nothing new to me, and I suppose people are used to it, if they're used to me at all. If I'm going to be halfway out of commission, it's probably better for me to be that way with all those good people around. Most of them found a chance to talk to me, and I wouldn't have had that if I'd sat home and rested today. At least I'm easy to tolerate, because I don't make a lot of demands.

And I got a lot of nice hugs, too. That's one of the great things about our family get-togethers. The more people that show up, the more hugs I get.

27 March 2004

Clouds through the oak branches.

I'm also pleased to report that my sage sausage bites were a big hit. I made way too many for the crowd and the level of hunger, but I heard nothing but good things about the meat and the dipping sauce. It's nice to be complimented on something unexpected like that. I've always wanted to have a special dish to contribute to the party (any party), and it seems I made an impression. I'm totally not used to that feeling. (And there will be no waste of food, either, because David is taking the leftovers to work with him.)

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It was almost as if my body (and my mind, for that matter) anticipated the time change. We're setting the clocks ahead an hour tonight, and I don't expect the 23 hours we'll have left tomorrow to be enough for a full recovery. In general, it takes me a week or two to get back in the swing. (On the other hand, my biorhythms and sleep cycle couldn't get much worse than they've been for the last two weeks.)

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