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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Late spring took a reverse bunny hop backward toward early spring today, bring back clouds and wind and more of what we should expect during the first week in April. Iíd been planning to make a trip to Trader Joeís for supplies that I havenít been able to find on my other two grocery outings this week, but in the end a third shopping trip sounded less inviting than a quick jaunt to the post office and back. Iíll do without the flaxseed meal for at least one more day. And who knows if Trader Joeís even has it? Nobody else around here does.

Still, even with the clouds blotting out the sun every so often, casting a pall on the late morning and early afternoon, I was in a better mood than yesterday. On my way to the post office, instead of grousing at the other drivers as Iíve been doing all week, I let The Loft from the satellite radio waft its sunny sounds over me.

When you hear the Miracles, My Morning Jacket, and the Guggenheim Grotto back-to-back-to-back, it gives the day a glow. Thatís the kind of variety I like in a radio station. You hear a lot about peopleís eclectic musical tastes, but Iíll put myself up against anyone as far as actually living the stereotype.

And Steve Forbert. Thereís no gloom a Steve Forbert song canít dispel.

2 April 2009

Trying to get to the front door.

That left the rest of the day, and for once I made pretty good use of it. Iím content with what I accomplished today, even though in the grand scheme it doesnít amount to much. All I can do is try to advance the cause a little each day, and try not to make things worse. Modest goals make success a lot easier to attain, and that makes it easier to live with yourself. Some days are neither diamonds nor stones. Theyíre just days, one more on the way to the next one.

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