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Saturday, April 4, 2009

In reviewing the suggested meal plans for the four-week vegan boot camp, I find that Iím glad itís just a suggestion. There are recipes and shopping lists available, so that if I wanted to, I definitely could follow the plan exactly. But I find that, living alone as I do, I have way too many leftovers to cook full meals that often. Plus (and this is no oneís fault but my own poor planning), I donít have nearly all the supplies it would take to follow the plan exactly.

Still, I have no doubt that Iíll be adhering to the spirit of the plan, which calls for four meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert). Thereís a precise, day-by-day, 28-day meal plan, and then thereís the one Iíll be following, which calls for a ďdinner plate,Ē rather than a specific recipe. My dinner plates will often be yesterdayís vegetable noodle dish, especially when I still have some left over and donít feel like plunging into making gnocchi with red sauce. Anyway, I donít have any gnocchi. Or red sauce.

But the spirit of the plan will inform my dietary decisions, and I will get to the store some time during the week to stock up on some of the recipe ingredients I neglected to buy in time. The ďofficialĒ grocery list for week one includes water chestnuts and raw pecans and four kinds of tofu. I havenít even had the courage to buy one kind of tofu yet, so I have no choice but to modify. I thought of waiting and starting next week instead, but that would just force me to do it by the book, and that was never going to happen.

2 April 2009

Study in blue and green.

If you think I talk about this too much now, just wait until Iíve actually started on the diet. But thatís okay, you know? Itíll be the most interesting thing going on in my life. Liquid aminos and low-sodium tamari? Thatís exciting stuff. (Give me a break here. Iíll do my best to make it as exciting as I can.)

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