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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What do you do when you hear the UPS truck drive up just as youíre about to step into the shower? Well, if youíre me, you throw on just enough clothes to cover yourself and wait for the knock on the door. I waited, and then I peeked through the blinds and saw that the truck was parked in my driveway, so I waited some more. After another fifteen minutes I peeked again, and the truck was gone.

So I walked out and looked around for the package, but there was no package. The driver had apparently used my driveway as a place to duck in off his (or her) route and take a quick siesta.

You canít really blame someone whoís probably been up since about the time I went to bed for wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle (of a sleepy country road). And after all, with the grasses growing high, no one could see the truck parked there, so it was a safe haven.

4 May 2010

I was expecting two boxes of the retractable roller pens that are the only ones I like to use. I canít find them at any office supply store around here, so I have to have them sent. I didnít really expect them this soon because I only ordered them yesterday, but I checked the tracking site. It told me the package had been delivered, so I looked outside again. And again.

Finally on the third search I found it on top of the fence, in probably the most unlikely place any delivery driver has left anything for me in the nearly ten years Iíve been here. But I have a new place to check the next time this happens.

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