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Thursday, May 5, 2005

Can it be Thursday night already? That makes tomorrow Friday, right? Iím not ready! I must have lost more than one day this week, because Iím so backed up Iím swirling. Yup, right down the drain. Iím lower than the Yankees, and thatís pretty low.

The Boss (my boss, not Steinbrenner) thinks Iím overworked, but thatís not it at all. I donít have too much to do. I can do everything thatís asked of me, and I can do it well. I just canít do it all at the same time! I canít give you minutes of a corporate shareholdersí meeting that was never held, and reconcile a bank statement that I donít have yet, and process all the applications for the new insurance that he hasnít selected the coverage for.

I mean, I can do it all, of course I can. But a guyís gotta breathe once in a while, too.

We who are on the companyís board of directors never see each other and frankly donít much like each other, so of course the required ďmeetingsĒ are mythical, and the minutes are manufactured from crushed and chopped boilerplate. Suddenly the accountant has decided he needs to see the minutes for the last five years. Not hard work for me. But busywork for sure.

The Boss started hounding me for the April bank reconciliation before May had even started. He wants to know ďhow weíre doing.Ē He wants everything to ďbalance,Ē including things that have nothing to do with each other. Itís hard to balance when the bank makes so many mistakes.

Actually, I make the mistakes, but I blame the bank. The Boss has no trouble believing that the bankís billion dollar computers can misplace a decimal or transpose figures. If I make an adjusting entry labeled ďbank error,Ē he accepts it. It gets me off the hook, not for the error itself but for the hours and hours I would have spent tracking it down. Busywork.

The change in the health insurance policy is his baby. It was his idea, and he volunteered to get the employees to fill out their applications, ďeven if we have to pay them overtime to do it.Ē Iím still waiting for the applications, and for him to decide what coverage weíre going to have so that I can figure out how much of a deposit the new HMO needs.

I guess for once instead of him hounding me, I have to hound him. Iím not inclined to wake up the bear if heís asleep, though. Iíll just wait until he asks me why it isnít done, and then Iíll gently remind him that heís the one holding up the lunch line this time.

5 May 2005


All this is happening while Julie and I are working on the month-end accounting for the kennel, and while Iím trying to keep the company going by paying the bills on time and trying to collect enough money to do so. Iím not saying Iím not up to the task. Iím just saying it canít all be done yesterday, just because Samantha twitches her nose and Jeannie blinks. (Or was it the other way around?)

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So the 25-car wreck at Talladega Sunday was caused by Jimmie Johnson, according to Dale Earnhardt, Jr.? Funny, but I saw it a little differently. Seems to me Junior was bump drafting in the middle of the Tri-Oval and sent Mike Wallace into Johnsonís path. If anybody was to blame, it was Junior, because the drivers had been warned about the bumping, especially on the turns. And he was doing it throughout the whole race. Itís kind of amazing nothing happened until so late in the race.

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