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Monday, May 5, 2003

I haven't had a look at the Bush Master Plan, but it doesn't seem right to try to carve Aryan nations out of Semitic lands. It seems the height of arrogance, but the people in that administration aren't known for humility. What other people want or need rarely factors into their decision-making process.

In my previous existence I used to be a Democrat, and life was more fun when "we" were in charge. The Republicans go around evangelizing and proselytizing, and sticking their holy noses into everyone's goulash (or succotash, in the case of vegetarians). Not to mention their bedrooms.

There are more ways to live than in starched collars and hard-soled shoes. Trying to make everyone think the same way is both useless and dangerous. It's new ideas that keep civilization from stagnating, and only by encouraging diversity of thought will new ideas ever emerge. It's like having an aquarium with no fish in it. (Well, not really, but I'm staring at one of those right now.)

Today, on the very same day that I met a teller in the bank who offered to read to me from her copy of The Feminine Mystique, I also passed a woman on the street who had a scarf (or a shawl, I don't really know the difference) covering her hair and who put her hand over her mouth as we walked by each other.

I mean. Life is a crazy quilt, a roller coaster ride and a spicy stew. Let's have more of this, not less.

As I was walking along that same sidewalk toward the post office, a small red Toyota was idling in the driveway of the gated apartment complex, looking as if it (or the driver of it, at any rate) wanted to pull out into traffic. As I approached, it backed up so I could walk in front of it. When I was walking back from the post office, the car was still there.

Then a white van pulled into the driveway from the street and the driver put his card in the key lock. As the entrance gate swung open, the Toyota whipped around in a U-turn and followed the van into the complex.

I do believe that kind of activity is discouraged, but it's not my place to interfere. The van driver would probably have more interest in pursuing the matter, if he thought it was necessary. Me, I kept walking. The guy driving the Toyota looked pretty harmless, and kind of interesting in an offbeat sort of way. Perhaps a secret society (or whatever lurks behind those gates) needs someone like that in its midst.

On the other hand, I assume he just forgot his key. The most benign explanation is often the most reasonable assumption.

It's best to enter a new week with no expectations. Starting Monday with a blank slate helps make the adjustment period a little smoother, when a whole new set of rules comes out of nowhere, like deer appearing in the morning mist.

As early as he knew he could get me to answer the phone, Tim called today wanting to follow up on the assignment he gave me late yesterday afternoon. We talked for a minute about leaving a reasonable amount of time between the request and the demand for a response, and then I thought I was being clever by asking him if he could please for once get me last week's time cards by noon Tuesday. That way I can be sure to get the payroll checks in the mail Wednesday without having to make two trips to the post office.

Well sure, that wouldn't be a problem; in fact, he had them ready and would fax them to me right now. And would I please write the checks today and mail one of them to a fellow he was thinking of firing? Suddenly a whole day of writing paychecks and making special mail trips was in front of me. It's a good thing I hadn't intended to spend the day doing anything else. Making plans is for chumps.

5 May 03

Could this be the last day the weeds will be this high?

Actually, some of my best friends are Republicans, but the ones I know tend not to be too much like the ones you see on TV. Or maybe the ones you see on TV are different in real life. Maybe they have fun. Maybe they know how to live and let live. Maybe they cherish the principles of diversity and inclusiveness in private, while sneering and sniffing at them in public. I don't know if that makes them better than I thought or worse than I thought.

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The bank teller told me she was reading that book for a history class. She said they were doing a unit on angry white women, but I think she might have been joking. I had to wait so long to get my deposit approved that we had quite a nice conversation. I wonder why it's sometimes harder to put money in the bank than it is to take it out.

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"The only judgment I make is how much goodness I can find in someone, and I'll never stop believing that most people are good. That's what makes it easy for me to get along with people, and hard to watch the six o'clock news."

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