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Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Seeing the lights come back on at exactly eleven o'clock last night made me wonder if the whole blackout had been planned. It was just too simple and convenient. If they didn't want me to know it was some kind of conspiracy, they shouldn't have had it start at exactly five and end at exactly eleven.

The utility company's only concession to deception was their recorded announcement that my power would be restored by Wednesday at 6:36 pm. I didn't fall for that, though. I knew it was either a ploy or a glitch, neither of which makes PG&E look as if they're acting in the public interest.

I'm just sort of generally bummed about pretty much everything right now. The power outage is behind us, but I don't think it was handled well. Plus, the juice came back just in time to keep me up too late last night, resetting clocks and deleting spam and the like.

Then tonight, just after play had resumed following a long rain delay at Shea Stadium, I got a call from Discover Card for the third night in a row, trying to get me to buy one of their extra services. What a racket. I'm afraid I was just tired enough that I didn't try to be nice to the telemarketer.

I interrupted and raised my voice. When he tried to keep selling, I talked louder. I didn't hang up on him, but I had him so flustered that he accidentally cut us off before he was finished giving me the "if you have any questions" number (which every Discover card holder knows by heart anyway).

If they call me again tomorrow, I'm going to tell them to take their card and wedge it in sideways. All I want at seven o'clock at night is to be left alone. Oh, and to have the lights and TV working. I want that, too, but I don't think it's asking too much. PG&E doesn't give me a refund when it doesn't provide that modest minimal service, so I have every right to moan when I'm deprived of it.

5 May 2004

A hummingbird is sitting (sitting!) in the middle of all this.

Another thing that annoyed me today was that my last two notify messages didn't get back to me. I don't know where to put the blame this time, on my web host or my service provider. The spam filters are just about worthless, and yet real email can't get from here to there (or in this case, from here to here (by way of there)). I'd be thrilled if one thing went right today. (Okay, one thing did, but it's no fun to talk about that when I can sit here and sulk.)

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The bottom of the eighth inning is the best time to break open a close game. It gives the other team just three outs to get back in it. That's what the Mets did to the Giants tonight. The score was 2-2 forever (including throughout the rain delay), and then they scored six runs in the eighth. The Giants had the breath sucked out of them and couldn't respond, losing 8-2. They haven't looked good in New York so far, but they have one more chance tomorrow night.

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