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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As usual, Iím of two minds. Iím conflicted. Iím as ready for the audit as Iím likely to be, at least in terms of the paperwork the auditor wants to see, so it canít happen soon enough to suit me. On the other hand, I donít feel up to dealing with the auditor and his picky, picky questions, so I donít want the audit to get here too soon. I never jump into the fray if I can possibly put it off, even if putting it off means delaying the inevitable without any good reason.

Itís affecting my other work, because I canít focus on anything, even though thereís nothing left to do before the audit Friday morning except clean the house up a bit. And trust me, Iím not going to go overboard in that department. I plan to stash a lot of stuff in the bedroom and close the door. Or maybe I wonít even close the door; Iím that much of a rebel.

Since the audit paperwork is done, I tried to get going on some other work today, especially the year-end reports I need to send to the accountant. The sooner I do them, the sooner heíll be able to get the tax information to me so that I can file my personal taxes. I donít want to have to file for an extension, as I did last year, especially if Iím getting a refund. But my mind wonít hold steady on anything right now, and it wonít until the audit is over.

25 January 2009

The passing storm.

Iím not sure what the worst part of the audit is, at least in the dark recesses of my imagination. Thereís the fact that I have to be up and dressed and ready first thing Friday morning; I tend to take Fridays rather casually whenever possible. And thereís the fact that I have to sit and pretend to be working while the auditor pores over the paperwork, however long that might take. Thereís no way I can get anything accomplished while heís here, and without my DSL connection I canít even surf. I guess I could play endless games of Solitaire and Free Cell, but I doubt I can concentrate even that much. Heís not even here yet, and I wish he was gone.

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