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Monday, December 8, 2008

Itís a good thing my only interaction with the Boss and his borderline illiterate son Tim is over the phone. Itís really a good thing Tim couldnít see me roll my eyes this morning as I was trying to decipher the cryptic note on his time card. Even so, I think he could feel my exasperation. He had to explain it backwards, forwards and inside out before it made any sense to me. Iím afraid at one point I put the phone down so I could make a double-handed gesture at it. So itís a good thing we were a hundred miles apart.

And yet, to his credit, he was quite patient. Itís not that he knew the note had words in it that donít exist and a grammatical structure that seemed to have been translated from the original Yoda. I just allowed him to think I was the stupid one, and when I finally got it, I apologized for being so slow to grasp his meaning.

This exchange almost trumped the original reason for his call, which was an accounting measure where I was the one who knew what I was talking about and he was the one who had trouble understanding. We deduct a specific monthly amount from the paycheck of one of our Kennel employees, to cover her kennel fees. He wanted to know where the money went. He asked if I deposited it into the company account, and I said it never left there.

He seemed to think I should write a check and deposit it back in, so that he could see the transaction. I explained that the accountant took care of it on the books, but when we hung up, I think he still believed I was being lazy and trying to get out of doing work that would make it easier for him to figure out what was happening. I fully expect another call from him, ordering me to do it his way so that he doesnít get confused. Like I have that kind of power.

7 December 2008

Christmas, waiting for the elves to unpack it.

Anyway, all of this happened early this morning before I was ready to function. His first phone call was just after eight, which is the time Iím supposed to be up and running. The Boss himself respects the fact that I donít do complicated explanations first thing in the morning, especially Monday morning, but Tim isnít on board with that program. And all the hand gestures in the world wonít help the situation, unfortunately. Nor will the choice words I had for him, because I didnít spew them out until after I hung up the phone.

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