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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

The world continues to turn, whether or not I get out and push, so I guess itís just up to me to get better. Rest and warm liquids, thatís the secret. In case anyone was wondering.

Iíve passed an ocean of herbal tea through my body in the last few days. It doesnít stay long, but I think thatís the point. Iím starting to feel as if the bad stuff is being flushed out, and thatís improving my outlook.

Full strength is probably still a couple of days away, at least. But I think today was the last of my days in the chair with the afghan. I have things to do, and when the guilt of not doing them outweighs the further debilitation from diving in and getting things done, I think that means itís time.

7 December 2004

Cloudy in the west.

I donít know that Iíll put in a full day tomorrow, but if I feel as strong as I did today, Iíll at least make a dent in the pile of work Iíve been neglecting. I havenít opened any mail since Friday, and there are other pressing matters. The Boss sent me an express mail package (that took an extra day for me to pick up because I didnít want to stand in line yesterday) with a form that I have to fill out for a project that bids next week.

I know he doesnít take a whole week off when heís not feeling well, and I know he doesnít understand when other people do it. So Iíll have to get myself back on track and try to pace myself so that I donít get derailed again.

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Some of my appetite is back, which is good. I brought home some instant oatmeal from the store yesterday, and I think I can live on that for a while.

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