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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Long after most ďserviceĒ stations stopped pumping gas for their customers, I still sought out the ones that had a full-serve pump. Like driving a stick shift, I had tried pumping my own gas once and didnít do very well, so I gave up. (Unlike the dramatic case of the stick shift, I didnít almost run over a dog pumping gas, though.) Even later on, after the stations started charging more for full serve, I kept seeking them out, driving miles out of my way to avoid doing it myself.

Years ago, early in my career with The Company, I drove to Napa to work every day. That was forty miles each way, five days a week. Then we got a portable computer that I could pack up. I brought it home on Thursday night and worked at home on Friday. Then I worked at home two days a week, then three. Eventually the Boss closed the Napa office (his ex-girlfriend owned the building), and I worked at home full time. No more commuting, and much less seeking out of gas stations.

Eventually, with Suzanneís help, I got over my self-serve phobia. I now pump my own gas with utter glee and abandon, a situation made even more palatable when the Boss offered me a company gas card a few months ago. Itís not the pumping that bothers me these days as much as the getting in and getting out of the station that I have to use to take advantage of the company card. Itís cramped, always crowded, and filters out onto a busy street thatís even busier in December. So I still put off my refueling trips until (a) a day when I have time to spare, and (2) the last possible minute.

8 December 2008

The elves seem determined.

Iíd like to say that, looking back, going to the gas station wasnít my daily highlight for today, but unfortunately, that seems to be the case. Iím hoping this will be the last time I have to get gas until after Christmas. If the post office were within walking distance, I could be sure of it. That was the one advantage I had when I lived in town. I got my daily exercise and saved gas by walking to the post office. Now I use the treadmill in the morning and drive to the post office at noon.

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