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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Is there such a thing as having too much money? No, probably not. But thereís such a thing as getting too much money at one time. I know, because it happened to me today. Unfortunately, it wasnít my money. But I still had to spend it!

After months of the company being cash poor, I got no less than four large checks in the mail today. Bills that have been past due since October could now be paid. In fact, they must now be paid, because our suppliers, however patient we insist that they be for the honor of selling us material, will not stand for our being paid money thatís owed to them. As soon as we get it, they want it.

So at a time when I was getting some momentum on preparing for next weekís audit, I had to shift gears and write thousands of dollars worth of checks today. And before I could do that, I had to make a special trip to the bank this afternoon to deposit the payments.

Since I was already committed to picking D.J. up from school today, it made it easy to take a little extra time to run to the bank. I didnít dare go before I picked him up, because the lines at that bank have been moving ever so slowly during the remodel. I could see myself standing there for half an hour, then having to dash off to school just as it was almost my turn.

Going to the bank after I took D.J. home worked out, because by that time the line had thinned and was moving more quickly. That surprised me, because the bank will be closed all weekend while they finish the remodel. Iím hoping itís worth it, because inefficiency has been the hallmark of that branch ever since they started tearing up walls and floors.

My wish list includes more teller windows (and more tellers). That would make my life easier, and thatís all I ask of life, to get easier as I get older. Itís just that Iím getting older faster than itís getting easier.

6 December 2005

December twilight.

And I spent the rest of the day writing checks, until way late in the evening. (Until Survivor time, in fact.) I didnít even finish, because I had some questions about how much we owed some of the people on my must-pay list. I left a message for the Boss, which was probably a bad idea. Iím now sure that heíll be calling me first thing in the morning with answers to my questions. My wish list also includes the phone not ringing at the crack of eight oíclock, but that wish doesnít come true very often, either.

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It was a sad day yesterday when the Giants cut ties with their longtime first baseman J.T. Snow, one of the teamís most popular players of the last decade. Heís been teetering on the edge of losing his job for the last five years, and the Giants wanted two things: They wanted Lance Niekro to be their everyday first baseman, and they wanted a player who could back him up at first base and also play the outfield. Well, they got what they wanted when they signed Mark Sweeney today, and the pressure will be on Sweeney to come through in a big way. Thatís what happens when you replace a legend, especially one as respected as Snow. But Sweeney seems to be a solid guy, so I have hope. Now letís see them corral that starting pitcher they need, and a backup catcher. If they donít keep up with the Dodgers, who have done an amazing job of rebuilding their team, they might as well not show up at SBC Park (or whatever they decide to call it next season).

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