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Saturday, December 8, 2007

This was another sad and happy day. Sad, because I turned on the old computer for what I hope will be the last time (and then turned it off, also for the last time). Happy, because I think Iíve squeezed every bit of juice out of the old computer that I can. Now all thatís left to do is take out the hard drive and smash it with a hammer and melt it with a blowtorch. That is how you ensure privacy, isnít it?

I was hoping to find the email settings on the old machine, so that I could copy them and import them into the new one. I didnít have any luck, so Iíll just live with the fact that Iíve lost the old saved messages (unless I decide to turn it on and off one more time). It would have been easy, I think, if I used Outlook as my email client, but I donít. I use Thunderbird. I donít know for sure that Microsoft has anything against Firefox, but I do know theyíre pretty territorial.

So all I did while I had the old computer running was scribble the email settings onto a piece of scratch paper, and make a copy of the address book. Then I shut Fidelina down for good, and Olive became my one and only computer forever and ever, until the next big thing comes out to replace her.

1 October 2007

Cloud characters.

Itís a little sad, but pretty happy, too. Iím getting to feel comfortable with the new machine. Iím enjoying the speed and flexibility and all the new gadgets and gizmos. Thatís not the reason I changed, but itís probably a good enough reason to have done so. Iím just grateful for the opportunity.

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