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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The April 15 tax deadline means nothing to me, since I donít do the company income taxes and Iíve already filed an extension for my own, but it occurred to me today (as I stared at the calendar in disbelief) that there are only two weeks left in the month, and in that time I have more to do than I should. I should have a head start on payroll quarterlies and sales taxes and the like by now, but between one thing and another (and another and another), Iíve been stymied.

Stymied, I tell you! It feels as if I havenít taken a breath all month, but I look to see what Iíve accomplished and the pile is way small. Youíd think Iíd been on an ocean cruise (or maybe taken by pirates) for the last two weeks, for all I have to show for it. I donít think Iíve been lax or lazy, but Iím a little ashamed at how little Iíve done. Iím also a bit angry at myself, because I should have a handle on these things. Iíve been doing them long enough, after all.

Maybe Iím just tired. Thatís my all-purpose excuse for (a) the way I snarl and snap at other drivers who are just trying to get from one place to another, the same as me (although they arenít paying as much attention as I am, which is obvious from the increasing number of people I now see driving with phones illegally held to their ears); (2) how close I come to throwing a knife across the kitchen every time I try to slice a tomato (and why should that be so hard, not to mention why should I be trying to slice tomatoes anyway when Iíve been avoiding them all my life?); and (c) everything else that seems to be going wrong all day every day.


15 April 2009

The pussy willow is now lush with leaves.

On a happier note, I find that I now like tomatoes, which, along with alfalfa sprouts, are part of every sandwich I make that doesnít have peanut butter on it. And I looooves me some hummus, although Iím still using the store bought kind (after reading the labels carefully). I might try making some of the bookís healthy homemade hummus this weekend (assuming Iím not missing an ingredient, because Iím not going to try to go out shopping again, since I expect to spend most of the weekend catching up on work; see above).

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Dodgers 7, Giants 2. The Giants did a little of the stuff theyíre supposed to do to win games this season, but a lot of the stuff theyíve been doing during this winless road trip. They had fielding lapses, baserunning blunders and failures to execute all over the place that neutralized the few bright moments they had in this game. As a result, they come home having gone 0-6 on the trip. Ouch. (And the Ducks beat the Sharks, too!)

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