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Friday, April 16, 2004

Someone is sending me a message. A few clouds blotted out parts of the sky when I left for the bank and post office this morning. They didn't look threatening, so I didn't bother with a jacket. It's going to rain this weekend, they said, but not before Saturday. Well...

I was on my way back, about three blocks from home, when a few droplets spattered against my windshield. The closer I got, the bigger the drops grew and the faster they fell. As I pulled into my driveway, a sheet of rain sliced straight down through the sky. It was the kind of downpour that keeps you from seeing very far beyond the hood of the car.

There was no decision to make. I had to walk through the rain to get from the garage to the house. Twice, actually, because I had a load of groceries that I couldn't handle all at once. I was soaked through before I took two steps out from under the overhang. By the time I had the car unloaded, I was dripping and so were the groceries and the mail.

It's no fun to be cold and wet. I used a big fluffy towel, but I still had to change my clothes, all the way down to my socks. In fact, I couldn't put my shoes back on for about three hours. Part of the reason my shoes got so wet was the horrendous condition of my yard. I can't walk far without wading through tall grass and weeds. My jeans were drenched halfway up to the knee.

Cold and wet and miserable, I didn't get a lot of work done today. It was a good day to talk to friends on the phone. It was a good day for Suzanne to come by for a long study session. It was a good day to take off early so I could drive Mom to her eye appointment. It wasn't a good day for anything else, but tomorrow will be a better day. I think we got tomorrow's rain today, so I'm expecting it to be dry. Hoping more than expecting, I guess, but it's a real hope.

16 April 2004

Mostly cloudy (but not totally).

That was it as far as rain went today. It came down for about fifteen minutes, total, one time and that's all. The driveway had some puddles, but within half an hour the paving stones were dry and the sun was trying to peek through again. If I'd gone on my errands at any other time of the day, or if they'd taken a little bit more time or a little bit less, I'd have been dry and happy all day long.

I'm dry now, at last, and warmer. I'll save happy for tomorrow.

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The Dodgers used blazing speed and great pitching to beat the Giants tonight, and an error in the eighth gave them an insurance run that took some of the edge off a classic matchup in the bottom of the ninth. It was 3-0 (instead of 2-0) when last year's MVP, Barry Bonds, came up with a man on to face last year's Cy Young Award winner, Eric Gagne. The two men challenged each other with the best they had, and the confrontation ended when Bonds deposited a 100-mile per hour fast ball into the seats in the deepest part of centerfield. Unfortunately, that only made it 3-2 Dodgers, and Gagne shut down the Giants the rest of the way to preserve the win.

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