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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Welcome to my life in the twilight zone. Yesterday it was an artificial blackout, but today it was all natural. There was something eerie about the light from the sky all day, as if it were being lit by a giant candle. In the middle of the afternoon, the sun flickered and died, but two hours later it was bright and sunny again. No wonder we cold-blooded animals are confused. It was like that all day.

I did have to stop working for a while when the sun went out, but it wasnít like yesterday. When the power went down yesterday, I still had work I needed to get done, so I ended up working on until 10:30 last night. Today, I quit before 8:00 pm. That doesnít sound like much of a holiday to you, but Iím happy with it. Everyone else in the family was doing what they wanted, and so was I.

14 April 2006

White whale cloud.

The outage last night must have come at just the wrong time, because I seem to have lost all my cookies. I was unrecognized at several web sites I visit regularly, and all of my links showed up as unvisited. Itís a good thing I have a secret book of passwords, because Iíve had to reenter them several times in the last day and a half. But at least I have PG&E to blame for it, and not something stupid I did myself.

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The Giantsí emergency starter Brad Hennessey showed the major leaguers a thing or two tonight in Los Angeles, throwing six-plus shutout innings at a previously potent Dodger lineup and beating them, 2-0, with some stellar bullpen help. The Giants took two out of three in the series, despite the fact that they scored just five runs in the three games. Thatís because the Dodgers scored only four. Itís a tough situation for a pitcher who had been on the minor league roster just yesterday, but Hennessey had been considered a strong contender for fifth starter in spring training, and he should be able to fill that role until Noah Lowry comes off the disabled list. Anyone who can beat the hated Dodgers deserves that chance.

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