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Friday, April 7, 2006

If after almost three full days without rain I thought I might get out into the yard this weekend, the storm that hit near the end of the third day jarred me back to reality. At this time last year, I was whacking weeds with great gusto. They could use it again, but not until things get a little drier around here. At this rate, that could take into May. Late May. June, even.

As usual in this kind of weather, the birds are starting to huddle under the eaves of my porch. These are the little birds, the sparrows and phoebes. The jays and mockingbirds are nowhere to be seen. The turkeys, if theyíre lucky, didnít get caught out in this, because we all know what happens to turkeys in the rain. Or what is said to happen to them, anyway.

5 April 2006

Hammerhead clouds.

Even the ducks donít seem entirely thrilled by the latest. For the first time since Iíve lived here, I saw several ducks flying low over my back yard today, looking for shelter. I know thatís what they were doing because I saw them duck (no, really) behind the shed at the corner of my yard. Like me, all they want is to be out of the rain. Or at least, thatís how I choose to see them.

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Because of the rain, the game tonight in San Francisco started two hours late, and then Giants starter Matt Cain couldnít find the strike zone. The Giants took an early lead but had to come from behind on Moises Alouís pinch homer in the sixth to take a 6-4 lead. It was the teamís first home run of the season, and suddenly the skies seemed to clear. Then the wheels fell off. The bullpen couldnít get anyone out in the top of the seventh, as the Braves scored eight runs. The rain fell harder than ever and the two teams finished the game at one minute before midnight, with the Braves winning, 14-6, and the Giants reminding themselves that tomorrow is another day. And itíll be here in one minute, and itíll probably still be raining.

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