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Sunday, April 7, 2002

I had my day all planned: sleep late, watch the ballgame, read the new Grisham, watch Topsy-Turvy so I can return it and get something else, get to bed at a decent hour. I didn't figure on leaving the house at all, and since it was overcast all morning and windy all afternoon, that turned out to be a good decision.

Sleeping late, no problem. I could do that one in my sleep. I could do it eight days a week, even regular days. When a day's an hour short like this one, it's even easier. I said yesterday I'd gladly do without sleep altogether if I'd never get tired, which I think explains why I like staying up late and sleeping in the next morning. I keep going as long as I can, and then I relish making up for it. It's just too bad the next morning comes so soon after the night before.

Ballgame, very nice. The Giants are off to their best start since 1930. Barry Bonds didn't even play and they still scored ten runs. I hope that makes it up to the 40,000 paying customers for not seeing Bonds today. It looked like a much nicer day in San Francisco than it was here. I'd have loved to have been at the ballpark today, but I would have had to get up much earlier than I wanted to. Anyway, I'm going Thursday with Eric on the special bus.

The book I'm reading is The Summons, which is set in rural Mississippi. That's also the setting of A Time to Kill, Grisham's first novel and still my favorite. For a long time I picked up every new book of his and read it, but then I started buying them and not finishing them. Then I stopped buying them altogether. I don't know what my problem was with the books, but I know I wasn't enjoying them. I wouldn't even have this new one if I hadn't forgotten to send back the book club post card last month. I've only just started it, so I don't know how much I'll like it. To be honest, I'm not even sure I'll finish it. If I weren't such a slow reader, it wouldn't be a problem, but I only have so much reading time and I have to keep moving on.

Topsy-Turvy, as everyone knows since the film was released over two years ago, is the story of Gilbert and Sullivan, and how they rescued their careers and reputations by writing "The Mikado." My favorite theater experience ever is a performance of "The Mikado" by a local company which has no other production in my personal top ten. I don't know what I wanted from the movie, except plenty of music. I got that, plus a lot of great portrayals of interesting characters, and some fascinating backstage business that made the three hours fly. It helped that I was interrupted at opportune moments by the phone, providing convenient intermissions where none had existed.

As for getting to bed at a decent hour, that could still happen, but I doubt it. I don't have quite the willpower in that area that I do with regard to my eating habits. Besides, it got dark an hour later today than it did yesterday. My body thinks it's entered the Twilight Zone. I just hope the next stop isn't Willoughby.


Red-shouldered hawk at the top of the oak.

I will return Topsy-Turvy tomorrow, because there's no commentary track to tempt me to keep it longer. Even so, it's one of those movies I liked well enough, to want to own some day.

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