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Sunday, September 17, 2006

With football season starting, and fifteen games every Sunday for a while, and all on my TV, it would be tempting to sit home and flip through the channels, but I didnít do that today. First of all, there was a NASCAR race, so I missed long stretches of the early games. If the Giants hadnít been rained out in St. Louis, I would have watched some baseball, too.

Somehow, though, I managed to coax myself out of the house to go to Ericís baseball game. Who knows how many more sunny Sundays were going to have this year, so I really need to take advantage of them.

Thatís especially true after a week like this one, when Iíve been hammered with extra work every day. I had some errands I planned on running Monday, but each day I had to put them off because of one crisis after another, until I finally got out Friday to take care of them. Iím used to having a little more flexibility in my daily schedule, but I feel as if Iíve lost a whole week.

17 September 2006

Eric at bat.

So I sat in the sunshine (actually, I stood in the shade for about half the game) and enjoyed the day with Mom and Suzanne. Ericís team has a core group of fans (made up mostly of wives and girlfriends) that are around for most of the games, so itís always fun to be out amongst them. And the team has been playing well lately, so that makes it better. Eric had a nice hit in todayís game, although the team lost at the end.

17 September 2006

Kylie and Tammy walking at the ball field.

And our Kylie showed up in her pretty new shoes, so proud of how well sheís walking now. She still holds on to something (or someone) when she can, but she has no trouble taking a few steps when she wants to get from here to there. And she does it all with a glorious smile on her face. Whatever troubles might be in the wind, they seem like so many dried leaves when the sunny little princess is around.

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The Giants were rained out today in St. Louis, and I missed the 49ers win over the Rams, and I deliberately avoided watching the Raiders in Baltimore, but hey, what about that Kevin Harvick! Itís the first time the one-time heir to Dale Earnhardt has ever been in first place in the championship standings, and he definitely looked like the driver to beat today at New Hampshire. With nine races to go, though, itís still up for grabs among all of the ten eligible drivers. Mark Martin always does will at Dover, the site of next weekís race, so he could move right to the top. It would be a fitting end to a great career if he won the championship after so many close calls over the years.

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