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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Tammy and David will be married in less than four months, which seems incredible enough as a single fact. When you couple it with the equally astounding fact that they've known each other less than five months, it's borderline miraculous.

There's an electric energy between them, though, and you can feel it. I know because they dropped by tonight to use my scanner to copy their engagement photo (which you can see, if you're interested, on this site). In a way it's as if they've been together for five years, not just five months. Their banter is familiar, both gentle and pointed at the same time.

Wedding plans are coming along quickly and more or less painlessly, except for the part about deciding what they're going to do and what they're going to have, and the other part about paying for it. But even this stuff is getting handled in a way that puts the least possible stress on those involved. (Which does not mean it's totally stress-free, of course.)

I enjoyed their company while they were here, as always. There's not much I can do for them, but if I can lend a little tech support to this ongoing enterprise, I'm glad. If I could hand them the keys to their dreams, I'd do that, but as with most things, I have to settle. I'm just glad they thought of an excuse to come by for a visit. That makes me happy.

17 September 2003

As promised, here is Tammy's ring.

Not that you asked, but the Big Project is all but kaput. I wondered why the Boss didn't call me after the presentation yesterday, and after talking to him this morning, I now know the reason. It's because, as he put it, "we got our clock cleaned."

Apparently we're just as small and meek as I always thought we were, and it's unlikely the company will be selected for this project. It's Tim's baby, and I have to act sorry when I talk to him about it, but secretly I'm doing the Ed Grimley happy dance. We were going to lose our shirts, socks and underwear if we'd somehow been able to convince the city that we could complete the project successfully.

Instead, a great and powerful company will be selected (probably; there's nothing definite yet). This time, Goliath won. Sometimes you need a bigger weapon than a slingshot.

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More good news: The Giants beat the Padres tonight, 8-3, and then the players stood on the field and watched the scoreboard as the last three outs were recorded in the Dodgers' 2-0 loss to the Diamondbacks. Forty thousand fans stayed and watched as well, because it all meant that the Giants had clinched the division championship. We're headed for the playoffs! Again!

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