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Sunday, September 3, 2006

It wasnít pride (or shame) that got me out of my recliner yesterday and out into the yard to do some serious work. It was the garage door opener. The remote, that is. It stopped working.

Itís been balking and giving me fits for months, but Iíve been putting up with it because Iíve always been able to make it work, with a little extra effort. The garage door assembly came with the house, and as you know my landlord isnít inclined to make repairs to anything that he considers a mere convenience. He flat out told me that if anything went wrong with the washer-dryer, I was on my own, so I knew better than to ask him about the garage door remote.

Still, when it stops working completely, the incentive to handle the problem goes up dramatically. As of yesterday, my solution was to leave the side door to the garage slightly ajar. And thatís what got me out of the house with the weed trimmer in my hand. The only way to get to that side door was through some of the highest weeds in all of the acreage. So I went out and hacked myself a path. It wasnít the best answer, but it was the only one I had. And it got me some much needed exercise in the bargain.

4 September 2006

You can see where I mowed (and where I didn't).

Today, though, I took the remote apart and saw that it wasnít going to be fixed. There was something rattling around inside it, and sure enough, a piece had broken. So I went online to try to figure out what to do. Little did I know how easy it was to order a replacement, and how easy it will be to program the new one to do what the old one does. Or did, before it stopped doing anything. I just open it up and flip all the switches into the same position as the old one, and Iím there. It wasnít even expensive, so all I have to hope for now is that it gets here. And that it really does work that easily.

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While the Cubs were scratching out runs on balks, squeeze plays and sacrifice flies, the Giants got home runs from their two hottest hitters, Barry Bonds and Shea Hillenbrand, and a pair of triples from Omar Vizquel, who drove in three runs in the Giantsí 7-4 win. Jason Schmidt picked up his game after a shaky start in Atlanta last week and got his eleventh victory, while Mike Stanton pulled down his second save in as many days. The Giants were making little headway against Cubs starter Angel Guzman, who left in the fifth inning with hand cramps, one out shy of a shot at his first major league victory. But the Cubs bullpen wasted no time in blowing the 3-1 lead they inherited from Guzman, giving the Giants two games out of three in the series.

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