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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Most of the people on this planet are not fortunate enough to have a choice about how they live. In fact, most people canít even choose where they live, so itís way too judgmental of the rest of us to tell them that if they donít like it there they should just move. Life, for ninety percent of us is a constant and difficult struggle to survive.

For the rest of us, the fortunate few, there is a lot we take for granted. We have our own struggles, but most of the time itís not a daily life and death battle to keep a roof over our familyís heads and food in their bellies. So we forget, and we invent other, less important things to occupy that part of us that needs something to obsess over. And thatís okay, most of the time. Second hand smoke makes me feel sick. Three-dollar-a-gallon gas is something to be angry about. Getting cut off on the freeway is an outrage.

But canít we all just get along? Iím not talking about the mean people; they suck. Iím talking about people that we know are well-intentioned. If they make a mistake, canít we just let it go, or gently correct them? Do we have to sneer and bray and make them feel small? Thereís no reason for people to hurt each other over a simple misunderstanding, or a different way of looking at life. We can argue with people over a differing opinion, but we donít have to call them names or turn our backs on them.

15 August 2005

Red sky at night.

I guess what Iím saying is, Why doesnít everybody do what I do? I just try to get along with people, and give them the benefit of the doubt, and let them be who they are, instead of ragging on them for not agreeing with me or catering to me. I try to smooth things out between people, instead of stirring things up. When I canít say something nice, I keep my mouth shut (most of the time). Whatís so hard about that? It makes life so much better and easier and more fun.

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The best pitcher in the major leagues during August started September by spotting the Diamondbacks three runs in the first inning tonight. Noah Lowry had given up just three earned runs all last month, but after that it was all Giants. They had two four-run innings and beat the D-Backs, 9-4, giving Lowry his sixth straight win and twelfth of the season. Randy Winn hit two home runs in the game, but the big blow was Moises Alouís three-run shot that gave the Giants the lead for good. The win moves the team up one more notch in the standings, into second place for the first time since April.

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It was the third of September.
That day I'll always remember, yes I will.