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Monday, September 4, 2006

There are Sundays when I donít even put my shoes on, much less venture out into the wild world. I know itís borderline ridiculous to live in a garden spot like the North Bay and stay indoors all day on my day off, but itís my modest protest against the pressures and tensions of the work week. It keeps me a little bit sane, which is why I treasure my solitary Sundays so.

Not yesterday, though. Because Iíd promised to look after Jetson while Suzanne is away for the weekend, I was forced out of the house in the middle of the afternoon. Well, thatís okay. The cat didnít much care whether I showed up or not, but Iím sure he was happy later on to find that his food dish had been refilled. And I got a chance to watch part of the Giants game on their HD wide screen, which only makes me lust for something I canít afford.

But once I was up and out of the house, I decided there was no reason to stay in, so I spent as much time as I could stand working in the yard. Thatís right, I did about fifteen minutes of mowing. That was all I could stand, but since I consider that to be pushing myself to the limit, I can say that I didnít miss a day of exercising, even though there was no reason to walk to the post office, it being Sunday and all.

4 September 2006

The treetops show that fall is near.

It was the first time Iíve used the mower this year, believe it or not. John used his tractor to cut down the high weeds in the spring, and I thought Iíd be out there with the mower every weekend all summer. It didnít happen. The plan was derailed first by my bout with tendonitis, and later on by my own lethargy. What I did didnít amount to much, but itís probably enough to give me some incentive to keep up the yard a little better between now and the rainy season. Thatís about three months away, so I should have the place in decent shape by then. I might even have myself in a little better shape, what with all this physical stuff Iím doing.

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This was the Giantsí first (and only) trip to Cincinnati this year, but I guess if a team sees that weird ballpark a lot, they get used to the bizarre way games are played there. The Giants seemed out of it until the eighth inning, when Barry Bondsí two-run homer tied the game. Then in the tenth Shea Hillenbrand hit another one out to give the Giants a 5-4 win over the Reds. But balls were flying out that werenít very well hit, and strange things seemed to happen every inning. And by the way, can you tell my why Felipe Alou, making his second pitching change in the bottom of the eighth, took Moises Alou out of the game on a double switch, only to pinch hit for the player he replaced him with in the top of the ninth? Does that make any sense to anybody? Except maybe Felipe? Iíd think heíd want Moises hitting in that spot, rather than uselessly running through two other players. But then, I second guess the Giantsí manager almost every game.

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