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Monday, September 26, 2005

Every day that I donít get to the grocery store, my list gets a little longer. I now need one of everything in the refrigerator and one of everything in the pantry. This means that when I finally do get to the store, Iím going to have to pare down the list again.

It probably also means that I wonít go off my diet-that-isnít-a-diet just yet, despite my desire to indulge myself. Unless theyíre giving away cookies and ice cream, I wonít be buying any this week.

Today was the day I planed to do my shopping. I even took time out from my lazy Sunday to write my paycheck, just so that I could hustle off to the bank and the grocery store this morning and restock my shelves.

I should have known better. Some Mondays are quiet, but this wasnít one of them. The Boss must have been saving up busywork all weekend just to throw at me this morning. It was enough to keep me from doing anything more exciting than zipping off to the post office and coming straight back to the grindstone.

25 September 2005

September sunset.

So tomorrow becomes banking and shopping day, with a longer list. Iím near the end of the loaf of bread, and I ate my last apple yesterday. I still have a couple of plums, but Iíve been out of bananas since the middle of last week. That doesnít leave room in the cart (or in the wallet) for luxuries like ice cream. Unless theyíre giving it away, of course. Iíll ask about that.

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The last out of a 2-1 loss that would have virtually ended the Giantsí season was in the glove of Brian Giles tonight in San Diego. And then it wasnít. Suddenly it was rolling around on the warning track while the tying run scored and Randy Winn, who hit the ball, was streaking into third base. He didnít stay there long, as J.T. Snow followed with an RBI single. The ninth inning hits were Winnís fourth of the game and Snowís second, and they helped the Giants to a 3-2 win that keeps them alive to fight another day. Brad Hennessey gave up two hits (and two runs) to the first two Padre batters in the game, but he and the bullpen shut them down the rest of the way. And we have to do it all over again tomorrow.

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