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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Itís getting dark a lot earlier these days, isnít it? Well, it is in the northern hemisphere, which is the portion of the planet I call home. Not the whole hemisphere, but a little speck on it. Thatís where I live, right there, where the sun seems to be going down in the middle of the afternoon lately.

I donít like it. I didnít get enough summer to get me through the winter. I was expecting to store up a few more warm days before the darkness took over, but it doesnít seem to be happening. The way thing are right now, with the overcast lasting until almost noon, by the time the air gets warmed up the sun starts to disappear. Soon it will be bitter and bleak all day every day. Iím not ready.

Hereís my beef. Itís now starting to get dark at exactly the same time Iím knocking off work for the night. That means I canít sit comfortably in my easy chair and thumb through the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly while watching my TiVoíd episode of General Hospital. I mean, I canít read Proust while listening to Rachmaninov. Thatís why Iím raging against the dying of the light.

26 September 2005

Cloud bank.

Iím not sure anyone can read Proust while listening to Rachmaninov, but thatís another question altogether. I know I canít do it in the dark, which was the point I was trying to make in the most obscure and circuitous way possible. Not that I would try it at solstice in Lapland either.

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Barry Bondsí three-run homer in the top of the first gave Brett Tomko the lead before he even took the mound tonight, but Tomko didnít hold it very long. IT was a back-and-forth game until the disastrous fourth, when the Padres scored four runs on two walks, an error and a grand slam, to take a 9-6 lead. In a season of 162 games, itís hard to say one hit decides a championship, but Ramon Hernandezís slam gives the Padres pretty much a lock on the division. Their win tonight puts them four games ahead with five to play. If they canít hold that lead, they donít deserve a spot in the postseason.

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