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Sunday, September 26, 2004

It's possible that I could have had two lazy days in a row. Today might have been just as low key as yesterday if it weren't for the fact that I went to the fundraiser at Suzanne's school this afternoon. That sort of compressed the rest of the day into fewer hours than usual. I even got up a little earlier, so that I'd have more time to do nothing before heading out.

A silent auction at a preschool might not be the place you'd expect to find me, but I was pretty comfortable there. I know most of the teachers (my sister being one of them), and it's always fun to be in a place where young families congregate. People who love their children are my kind of people.

Besides, most of my own family was there. You never know how many more times we're going to be together like this. Even holidays and birthdays are kind of iffy these days, what with people going in different directions so much of the time. You just never know.

It was also a couple of hours of controlled chaos for a good cause. I didn't bid on anything, I'm sorry to say, but I mingled and talked to people. Maybe the fact that I was hovering made other people bid on some of the items. I hope they made enough money to make the whole thing worthwhile, because I'd like to go again next year.

25 September 2004

Clouds like angels' breath.

Aiden also seemed to enjoy being there. He wasn't in his usual giggly, talkative mood, but he was very interested in the comings and goings of all the people. His eyes would follow them around the room, and he had a serious look on his face, as if he were processing a whole mountain of new information. I'm sure that once the words come, he'll have a lot of questions for us.

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Even after losing to the Dodgers today, 7-4, the Giants still control their own destiny. All they have to do is win every single game for the rest of the season. That's not as impossible as it sounds, either, since there are only six games left. If the Giants do that, even if the Dodgers sweep the Rockies the two teams would be tied and would play one game to decide the division title. And that would be the seventh game the Giants would have to win, but it could happen. Besides, who says the Dodgers are going to sweep the Rockies?

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