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Sunday, September 25, 2005

As I see it, there are good reasons to work on Sunday. Good, practical reasons. Most of the time I can easily come up with good, practical reasons not to work. I need to rest up for Monday, for one thing. Thatís always a good argument.

Today I had no intention of doing any work at all, but for some reason it occurred to me that if I got something done today, Monday might be a little less hectic and stressful. It probably wonít turn out that way, because Monday is Monday no matter what happens on Sunday, but I have to admit that I do feel some relief. There are a couple of things I can cross off this weekís to-do list before I even write the list.

The best reason to work on Sunday is that itís usually a day of few interruptions. I donít mean that the phone doesnít ring, because it does (and Iím glad). But I donít get the kind of interruption that forces me to quit doing one thing and veer off onto something completely different, because of some whim the Boss has. Itís very rare that heíll have whims on Sunday.

Today I was working while the 49ers were blowing a big lead to the Cowboys, and while most of the football teams I picked were finding ways to lose. It was a nice distraction from my poor showing in the football pool. I got a lot done during that fourth quarter.

What got me started today was actually the fact that I needed to write my own paycheck, so that I can get it into the bank tomorrow. Once that was done, I took a look at the company bills I had to pay and thought, why not? I really only spent two or three hours doing it, but it might have taken me twice that long on a Monday, so it was time well spent.

25 September 2005

Geese at sunset.

There have been times when Iíve used working on Sunday as an excuse to slack off during the week. I might have even done it on purpose, thinking that if I were questioned about taking some time off on a weekday, I could point to all the work I got done on the weekend. That wasnít the case this time, because of the new discipline I started last week, of keeping the TV off all day. If Iím not going to relax in front of the set, I might as well work anyway, whether I spent my weekend on company business or not. Thatís one mindset I had to overcome in order to do some work today, but I managed.

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There isnít much the Giants can do, with a week left in the season, except to keep winning games. If they do that, they will probably win the division. One more loss will put them on the edge of elimination. Today they took a 2-1 lead, built on Randy Winnís leadoff homer and Matt Cainís three-hit pitching, into the seventh inning. At that point the Rockies mounted a rally that could have put the game away, but the Giantsí bullpen limited the damage to one run. The tying run. They waited until the top of the ninth to put enough hits together for a four-run rally, then held on to win the game, 6-2, bringing them to within four of the first-place Padres as they head to San Diego for a four-game series. They have to win all four, but even that wouldnít have mattered if they hadnít found a way to win this one today.

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