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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Well, yesterday was officially a disaster. Last night I broke a glass by knocking it off the end table. The only reason thatís significant is that in the morning, in a completely unrelated incident, I broke a glass by opening the refrigerator door too fast. Donít ask me how, but they were two of my favorite glasses, and Iím not used to breaking things. I broke a plate two years ago and made a big deal out of it. Since then, nothing.

Let me tell you something. When you havenít vacuumed in a while, and all of a sudden you have to pick glass up off the carpet, the vacuum tends to stir things up, so that the air is full of things that donít make breathing any easier for someone whoís already having trouble in that department. Whew.

The worst problem I had today was a cough I couldnít get rid of. The sore throat I carried over from the last two days was just a little rough most of the time. I did blow my nose constantly, which means that I was also constantly washing my hands. Iím obsessive about hand washing when Iím healthy, so when Iím sick, Iím beyond obsessive. Iím manic.

18 September 2006

Evening sky.

Even with the worst cold Iíve had in years, this wasnít a bad day. I got some work done, and I got my appetite back. I was a little lethargic from that Nyquil stuff I took last night, because it took two hours afterward for me to get to sleep, but I managed not to collapse until I got enough work done to justify my paycheck. And thereís always hope that tomorrow will be even better.

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History is pretty clear about which teams should win the three division series that started today. The team with the most recent playoff experience usually has an advantage over a team that hasnít been in the postseason for a while. Thatís why it was no surprise that the Yankees beat the Tigers, 8-4, at Yankee Stadium (and how about that guy Derek Jeter, once the lights came on?), and it was a mild upset that the Aís beat the Twins, 3-2, in Minnesota. And a team who consistently dominates a particular opponent can usually be counted on. Although the Padres took two out of three from the Cardinals last week in St. Louis, on their way to a division title, todayís playoff game smelled a bit like the last several times the two teams have met in postseason, with the Cardinals winning easily, 5-1. If we go by this theory, the Dodgers should take care of the Mets, especially with the way the Mets have broken down and limped into the playoffs. Weíll have to wait for that one, though, because that series doesnít start until tomorrow.

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