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Monday, October 2, 2006

Whatever that was that I was complaining about yesterday turned into something else overnight. I was sure I was just having a bad allergy day, and I felt a little guilty about inflicting it on myself by overdoing the yard work. But no, I have a cold. And I got it honestly, from Aiden, whose sniffles I helped wipe off when I saw him the other night. Little did I know. But I wouldnít trade the experience. Iíll gladly suffer.

It does make me feel better about getting back in the yard, once this onslaught is behind me. And itís also good to know I have a cold, because I know what to do about a cold. I drink a lot of water (and herbal tea and orange juice and cran-grape), and I wait it out. If possible, I get a little more sleep than usual, although sleep comes even harder when youíre struggling to breathe.

Iíll tell you how long itís been since Iíve been sick this way. Last night I was looking through the medicine cabinet for something that might help, and all my cold remedies seemed to have expired in 2004. I did find one box of decongestant tablets that said ď10/06Ē on the side, so I took a couple of those. It seemed to help get me through the night.

2 October 2006

Fossil cloud.

Staying at home and lying around all day again today wasnít an option. I had to get to the bank to deposit my paycheck, so that my rent check would be covered. And while I was there I stopped at the supermarket and picked up a few things, including some Nyquil capsules. Iíve always used the liquid form, but I think these might not taste as nasty. Iíll see how they work tonight. And Iíll see if they make me feel any better tomorrow.

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When I saw the list of managers who had been fired today, the day after the regular season ended, it had a familiar look to it. The Giants let Felipe Alou go, as expected. The Cubs cut Dusty Baker loose, and the Nationals told Frank Robinson he wouldnít be coming back. Both Baker and Robinson are former Giant managers, and both of them brought energy and success with them when they were in San Francisco. The Giants will need a little of that kind of magic when they name a new manager, because the roster is expected to look very different next year. Eleven current players are eligible for free agency, and Iíd guess that most will not be back next season.

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