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Sunday, October 3, 2004

You'd think that after a day of being totally (and typically) lazy, I'd take it easy on Sunday night. After all, it's almost always followed by Monday morning. I probably should have thought of that before I started moving things.

Suddenly this afternoon I found myself with a nearly empty loft. That's because the twin bed, that I used exactly once, is gone. David came by this afternoon and hauled it away. Its twin was at Mom's house, and he relieved her of that one also. Tonight Dakota and D.J. will not sleep on their old, broken-down daybeds, because they have new (but still old) twin beds.

It seemed like a good use for a bed that has been in my loft since I moved in here more than four years ago. I put it up there with the thought that I might like to sleep in it once in a while, but it turned out to be too hot to sleep upstairs, and way too far from the bathroom. As there's no phone jack in the loft, there wasn't much choice. I sleep downstairs and have been using that twin bed to throw things on.

But now it's gone and I found myself with a lot of bare square footage. It occurred to me that my bedroom could stand with a little less clutter. I even thought I might like to put a chair in there and turn it into a reading area, because it gets direct afternoon sunlight. In the winter I have to shut down my reading time much too early because I lose the light. This would be a way to extend it.

First, though, I had to clear the clutter off the floor, and that's how I misused my Sunday night, hauling boxes up to the loft. I didn't get very far, though, until my sciatica started acting up. I kept going as long as I could, dragging load after load up the stairs. Then both hips went to sleep and my knees buckled and I decided it was time to quit.

It was good practice for next Sunday, when we move Mom. I now know just how helpful I'm going to be.

30 September 2004

Aiden obviously has something he'd like to say.

I'll probably never turn that corner of the bedroom into a reading room or sunroom. Maybe I would have been better off leaving the loft alone. In the winter, it can sometimes be the only warm room in the house. I suppose I can move everything back downstairs if I need to. I can certainly use the exercise.

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The Giants' season is over. Even though they beat the Dodgers today, 10-0, the useless Rockies couldn't take even one game from the Astros this weekend, so the Astros are going to the playoffs and the Giants are waiting for next year. I'll happily cheer on whatever team is playing the Dodgers in the playoffs (go, Cardinals). And I'll support whatever team is playing the Yankees (good luck, Twins). Of course, if the Dodgers and Yankees meet in the World Series, I'll be a rabid Yankee fan.

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