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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Since this was the first day this week that my to-do list got shorter instead of longer, I guess I can say it was a successful day. I crossed a few items off, most of which I actually did. One item might have got crossed off because I decided not to do it at all, but it took some heavy thinking to come to that conclusion. And I definitely consider heavy thinking to be ďwork.Ē

I did get an ominous phone call from Julie, who has dropped her demands or lowered her expectations or mellowed her attitude. For whatever reason, sheís visiting the Boss at the Kennel this week, contrary to her statement a month ago that she would never come down from the mountain again. She phoned me today and told me that they were having a meeting and that I shouldnít be surprised if the Boss asked me to do some extra work.

But it didnít happen, and all I can say is, it better not happen tomorrow, because I have other plans. If the fax starts humming when Iím heading out the door to pick D.J. up from school, the Boss will have to wait. You canít keep a six-year-old waiting at school. Itís not fair to the teacher.

26 September 2005

Red sky at night.

When I look back on today, thereís not much satisfaction. I did the easy things on my to-do list. I did the bare minimum, and not even everything I planned to do. One minute Iím getting ready to tackle a particular task, and the next minute Iíve come up with a reason I canít do it. Thatís probably why nothing much gets done until Iím up against a deadline. Wednesdays are low-threshold deadline days. Things donít heat up until Friday, and by then Iím already thinking about what I can put off until Monday.

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Baseball is a game that encourages cheating, if you can get away with it. If you pretend to get hit by a pitch, the umpire will often give you first base. Unlike in tennis, you never volunteer whether a ball is fair or foul; in fact, youíll often argue for a call you know is wrong. Tonight in Chicago, the White Sox stole an out that led to their winning the game, simply by taking advantage of an umpire who fell asleep at the switch. A.J. Pierzynski struck out to end the ninth inning with the score tied, 1-1. The umpire called him out, but he ran to first base, after the catcher rolled the ball back to the mound. The umpire, who could not have seen whether the ball hit the ground or not, for some reason reversed his call and called Pierzynski safe at first. Why he would assume the ball hit the ground, rather than assuming the ball didnít hit the ground, is a mystery, but three pitches later the White Sox had an RBI double and a 2-1 win to even their series with the Angels at a game apiece... And there was a game in St. Louis, too, but for some reason it was played at the same time as the one in Chicago, so all I know is that the Cardinals beat the Astros, 5-3. Thanks, Fox.

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